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The place to be for outdoor events around Cairns

Get Fit, Be Dirty, Have Fun!

The place to be for outdoor events in and around Cairns. With five sports, 49 events a year, 2000+ members and a family friendly focus, Adventure Sport NQ is the bomb! Become a member it’s free, all the cool kids are doing it!

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It’s the best bang for buck compared to some of these other groups, you could do a hundred events with Adventure Sport NQ and only do one with

some of the other groups.”

Stepping on jutting rocks, trudging through river after river crossing (eleven total), ascending slippery hills—–I’m blowing the proverbial rape whistle and curling up into fetal position in my mind, Mosquito-bitten extremities, bruised ankles, buckling muscles act as badges of honor that need not be seen to be understood.